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The Barbarian Rage Toy Treasure Trove includes the following:

1. X-Ray R2-D2 (With Collectors Coin)

Bootleg toy

designer toy

art toy

2. Masters of the Universe Glow-Double Cast

(One of a Kind Custom)

3. Slime Pit Beastman (With Collectors Coin)

4. The Shining (Lady in Room 237)

5. Lords Of Darkness (Vampire with Glow Head)

6. Figure Zero (Stormtrooper Edition)

7. De Wanna Wanga (Translusent Red Bib Fortuna)

8. 1i-D2 (R2 unit Double Cast in Green)

9. Gorlock Black Future Edition

(with Glow Eye and Mini-Poster)

10. Beast Ball (Custom Paintjob with Glow Eyes)

11. Gamorrean Guard (Glow in the Dark)

12. Bib Fortuna (Glow in the Dark)

13. Zartan Figurine (G.I. Joe) (Blue Ice Custom)

14. Retching Regan "Maba"

(Black Pazuzu colorway with Purple Slime)

Winner Chosen on August 7th 2020

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All items are handmade and may take up to 5-10 business days to ship.


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