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5.5” Translucent Cherry Red Vinyl figure

Translucent Red Death Head Chest

Custom, Hand Riveted, Plated armor.


Vinyl Wonder Paints.

Comes Bagged, Tagged and signed.

Pewter dagger, sheath and belt upgrade available upon request.

Please Email for International Shipping inquiries.

Kool-Aid The Konqueror

After the Sugary Drink Wars of 2732 A.D. Kool Aid Man was defeated when his contents were drained and consumed.

The victor claimed Kool-Aid Mans power to become Kool-Aid The Konqueror.

Able to withstand Glucose Levels of over 2000mg/dL

Proficient in Breaking down walls.

Feel the frosty grip of death. 

The victor of the Sugary Drink Wars is now available.

Kool Aid The Konqueror

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