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This awesome Ultimate Edition comes with the Kilgarr the Barbarian soft vinyl toy.

The toy includes hand riveted armor with over a dozen plates of armor.

Holster and belt to sheath the handcrafted, pewter, +5 keen blade of smiting.

5.5" Deluxe figure sculpted by Scott Cherry


-Ultimate Edition package comes with BOTH variant cover books.

-5 pack of Barbarian Rage Trading cards with a guaranteed full set of cards AND a guaranteed sketch card from one of the following artists (You get to Pick!).

-Eddie Ressin Blood

-Dano Brown

-Ted Dastick Jr.

-Scott Cherry

Or pick a random wild card.


-Includes an acrylic pin designed by The High Road Design

-PLUS get a mirrored Barbarian Rage sticker and a Kilgarr the Barbarian Sticker.

Ultimate Edition Ships free.

Barbarian Rage Ultimate Edition

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