X-Ray R2-D2 Giveaway!

Updated: May 21, 2019

Sorry for the delay on this giveaway. I was delayed this month do to a packaging snafu.

But my loss is your gain as I wrote all about it in my Ultimate Guide to Packaging blog.

So now you know what NOT to do and how to avoid a costly mistake.

I am going to give away 4 X-Ray R2-D2s (all winners are determined by random.org)

I am giving away 2 Regular X-ray R2-D2 and 2 Glow in the Dark X-Ray R2-D2.

(A total value of $260!)

And the winners are...

For the regular X-Ray R2-D2...

Ocular Rhombus and James Sanchez!!!

And for the GID X-Ray R2-D2...

Miguel Roberts!!!!

Congratulations everyone!

“But wait Scott... I thought you said you were giving away 4???”

Well, I am.

If you are a Warriors Guild Member, in the Gladiator or Champion tier, and have never won anything... This is your chance!

Just leave your name in the comments section and I will pick one at random later this week.

I know that some people have won a few different times and some people have won nothing.

And if you add it up, some people have potentially made money being in here.

But this is a way of giving you a better shot at winning a prize if you’ve never won anything in here.

Good luck and congratulations to the winners.

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