Welcome to the Warriors Guild! Read This First!

First off thank you so much for joining The Barbarian Rage Warriors Guild. 

If you are here for exclusive toys or Preorders, the Warriors Guild store is open for you now. 

If you are here to win big in the monthly giveaways you must be in the Gladiator or Champion tier. 

If you are in the Gladiator or Champion tier, you are automatically entered into every giveaway. (Your name is entered 3 times for every giveaway on the Champion tier)

If you are here for the Exclusive Toy Making blogs, have at them! If you have a question please ask in the comments section of the appropriate blog and I will answer you there. 

That way if anyone has the same question we can all get the answer in a localized section. 

Use the chat feature here for any other inquiries or email me at:


Thanks again for your support. 

Your Friend,


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