Two Bad and Slime Pit X-Ray Ram Man Giveaway

I have been going hard on the Barbarian Rage Comic Book this month! So no new release this month.

So, for the giveaway this month, I dusted off an old favorite (Slime Pit X-Ray Ram Man) and am offering up a One of a Kind Glow in the Dark Two Bad!

Thank you so much for your support during this new phase in Barbarian Rage. I think the comic book is coming along really cool and I think everyone is going to really love it.

This months giveaway was aimed at Warriors Guild members that have never won anything before. NEXT MONTH WILL BE THE SAME! If you have never won anything and you are in the Gladiator or Champion tiers leave a comment on this post.

I'd like to see everyone win something. Some people are just lucky. So, I will be giving away a bunch of stuff next month too hoping that we get a battalion of happy Warriors in the guild.

So, again, please comment to win.

So the winner on this Slime Pit X-Ray Ram Man is:

Jason Rowe!

Congratulations man!

And the winner of this Glow in the Dark Two Bad is:

Jared Curtis

Congratulations dude!!!!

Thanks again to everyone for your support.

Rage On.


P.S. Don't forget to comment to win in next months drawing. Thank you.

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