Tip Time: Squeeze Bottle

Here is a fantastic tip handed down from Pete "KIller Bootlegs" to Jon "Dollar Slice Bootlegs" to me.

Now I am passing it down to you.

Get a set of squeeze bottles and put your resin in it.

Its easier to measure (Pouring a half a table spoon from a gallon kit can be tricky!)

It also comes in handy when the weather gets moist. I live a particularly humid area. So when you open and close your gallon kit for every pour, moisture gets in the gallon can. When you get to the bottom of it, it can get a little cloudy.

Also if you tip over the bottle, you won't waste a whole gallon of resin...

I knew a real idiot that spilled an entire gallon of resin all over his pants and the floor one time...

Okay, it was me.

Use a squeeze bottle and don't forget to get one with a cap!

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