Tip Time: Ripped Off

You made a toy! Congratulations!

You figured out how to pour the silicone. Then you figured out how to pour resin.

You even figured out a cool color way for your new toy.

You have breathed life into a toy!

It's a childhood dream come true!

It's exciting! I know!

But now someone on Instagram made a post saying that you ripped them off.

Ah, shit. What now?

This is a tough situation. No one wants to be accused of ripping someones idea off.

But look, if you are "bootlegging" toys, you aren'y making anything entirely original anyway.

For instance:

You used 2-1B limbs on your new toy.

The next week someone else uses 2-1B limbs on their toy and you accuse them of ripping you off.

You did not sculpt the 2-1B limbs.

Both of you ripped them off.

Neither of you own the limbs.

They are not your intellectual property.

So now what do you do?


Do nothing.

If someone accuses you of stealing their idea. Do not engage them.

You won't win and they won't listen.

I've seen people accused of stealing limb combinations, color ways, puns, and movie references.

Also, do not accuse someone else of stealing from you.

It's petty.

This is harder than it seems. I know I have seen people who I thought were stealing my ideas or ripping me off. And, in turn, I have been accused of ripping off other people.

Your first instinct is to motherfuck them publicly... Bad idea.

Second instinct is to veil your barb to let them know that, "Hey man, I see what you are up to."

Another bad idea. You just come off like an asshole.

Just let it go. Do nothing.

You might have both just had the same idea at the same time.

Or maybe they really did rip off your idea.

Its not a big deal, really.

Its unfortunate for them if they did rip you off because you have the ability of coming up with something new and creative while they can only steal it.

I've seen a lot of these "Toy Fights" go down. Nothing ever gets resolved.

There is never a "Columbo Moment" where the dude breaks down and admits "I did it! I ripped off your idea! Please forgive me!!"

It's not happening. Just move on.

My advice is to do something totally original. Sculpt something totally new that no one has ever seen.

Be original.

People will still accuse you of theft. It never ends.

Fighting with people on the internet is meaningless and exhausting.

The only way to win is not to engage... Just like the ending of "War Games".

Picture of a Polish X-Wing Luke Bootleg Mold

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