Tip Time: Pro Instagram

Whatever you do, you need a good looking Instagram.

I just reached 10k followers on Instagram and it is integral to visibility and sales.

I’ll outline a few tips here because I could go forever about Instagram engagement.

1. Treat your Instagram like a professional account. Only have things that apply direct to your business. No pictures of your dog (unless you have a dog IG) or your kids (get a personal account for that). If you make toys, people want one thing and one thing only from your account... Toys.

2. Learn how to take good pictures of your stuff. Experiment with lighting, camera placement or whatever. I’m not a great photographer but I’m better than I used to be.

Take a bunch of pictures. I take A LOT of pictures before I settle on one to upload. I hate when people take crappy pictures of my stuff.

3. Upload everyday. Do not overpost. I’ll leave it up to you what “overposting” means. But you must post, at least once, everyday.

4. Don’t air your dirty laundry or spread hate. Remember, try to be professional.

Dirty laundry, gossip, and personal struggles don’t belong on on a professional IG. And spreading hate is uncalled for. Read last weeks blog about feeling “ripped off”.

If you really feel like someone has stolen your intellectual property, contact a lawyer. Don’t spread hate and talk shit.

If you are on the Champion tier of the Warriors Guild, I will gladly do a one on one with you to help your IG explode.

If you would like to suggest something you would like to see me write about please leave it in the comments.

Your pal,


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