Tip Time: Mold Venting

Venting your piece properly before you cast it is essential.

And making a good mold can mean the difference between pulling 20 pieces out of a mold versus 100+.

Air bubbles are inevitable. But we can suppress that problem with proper venting.

I always wanted to do Warduke. But the original helmet poses so many problems. I’ve seen other bootleggers do it and parts of the helmet get cut off. Sometimes the full wings on the side of the helmet are missing.

So I re-sculpted the entire thing with mold making in mind. Now this is probably the hardest mold I’ve ever made. But here is how I vented the helmet.

Something this intricate requires a two part mold (in my opinion). So after I vented it by glueing some wire to it, I blocked it off for a two part mold.

So when it was done, I still had problems with it and had to preform a bit of surgery on the mold.

No matter how good your piece... No matter how good your mold making skills are... You will have misfires. Shit happens!

I have a giant cup full of these Warduke helmets that have tiny air pockets in them.

But before you cast something I urge everyone to do this exercise...

Hold the piece how you want to cast it and imagine that it is hollow. Now full it with liquid. See if you can’t imagine where the problem areas will be.

Add a vent or a bleeder to your problem areas. It’s easier to clip off a sprue and sand it down later rather than filling air bubbles.

Think about your molds.

Mold making is an art in itself. Mastering it takes a long time.

And the better your mold is, the better your pieces will be.

If you want to see someone really kill at making molds, check out Andrew J Heffron (@labmonkeynumber9) his molds are amazing and you might be able to glean something from the pictures of his immaculate molds.

If you have any questions about this or any other problem you are having feel free to leave your question in the comments section.

Now go make a giant mess.


Wardukes sword vented and ready for its first part of a 2 part mold.

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