Tip Time: How to Paint a Beast Ball

On the Smooth-On YouTube video for Flex-Foam-IT! they say to use fabric paint on the foam after it is fully cured.

That makes sense since fabric paint has some give once it is cured. If you’ve never worked with it before, it dries flexible and a little rubbery.

In theThe Smooth -On video they apply the fabric paint liberally and straight out of the nozzle. Perfect for painting foam donuts or whatever they are doing.

But I needed to put an actual paint job on these. So, this is what I gathered from this project.

Fabric paint is difficult to paint with. The pigments are weak and sometimes translucent requiring multiple layers.

I found that Matte colors are more opaque and require less coats of paint. The problem is, the matte paint doesn’t want to stick to the foam ball and will bead up.

You will have to put down a base coat. For this one-off I put a coat of black down first.

A black ball with a black base coat

Then you just build up the colors. Be careful doing this because the paint will remain tacky and it is easy to over work the colors

First coat...

Second coat...

Then I added some red to the eyes for an "Anti-Eternian" color-way.

The fabric paint takes 72 hours to fully cure.

And 3 days later, the paint is still tacky. What I have done now it give it a a nice dusting of baby powder and give it a good brushing off with a big soft brush.

After this you can take a damp paper towel and dab the powder off.

Now you have a paint job of the Beast Ball that will stick onto the ball and is good for a few tosses around the apartment.

So, in summation:

1. Use fabric paint. ( I used Tulip Fabric paint but feel free to experiment)

2. Dust with baby powder

3. Dab off powder with a damp paper towel.

4. Let it air dry.

Most importantly, have fun when painting your balls.


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