Tip Time: Glow in the Dark

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Who doesn’t love a good glow in the dark toy? You want to make them, don’t you?

Well of course you do.

Working with phosphorescent powder can yield awesome results but, it can be tricky working with the stuff.

I admit, I don’t know EVERYTHING about casting glow in the dark powders but I will tell you all that I know.

1. You need to cast with quick set resin. All of my glow in the dark stuff is cast with Smooth On 325. It’s crystal clear and sets quick. If you use resin that is not quick set, the powder settles at the bottom of your mold.

2. Mix your powder in Part B first before you add part A. Continually mix throughout the 2 minute potlife if possible. Even within that short time the powder will settle a little bit.

3. Glow Worm is tricky. It glows for hours (they say up to 10 hours). But it is more granular than other phosphorescent powders making it harder to mix completely. Being that granular it is heavier and sinks to the bottom.

I bought a stone mortar and pestle thinking I could crush it into a fine powder. But it dulled the glow by adding a sort of grey to the powder.

Thinking it was the stone rubbing off into the powder, I bought a stainless steel mortar and pestle. But had the same results. It was grey and it dulled the power of the glow.

The best results I had was folding the powder into a piece of cardstock and smashing it with a hammer.

I don't recommend this either. While the results are good, you can only do a little at a time and it’s time consuming.

Even if you crush the Glow Worm to a fine powder, I have found that it is still a little heavy and still settles at the bottom (Just less than if you didn’t crush it).

I use Cres-Lite from Reynlods Advanced. It is discontinued so there is a limited supply.

4. Mix Ratio: My mix ratio is 1/8th TSP glow powder to 1TBSP Part B and 1TBSP Part A. This will give a solid glow. Add more for a brighter glow. Any less wont do you much good.

I hear good things about Solar Color Dust products but have never worked with their stuff.

These are just the things I have picked up while working with phosphorescent powder. They may not be the best techniques.

As I always say, the best way to learn is to do it yourself.

Nothing beats experience.

Now go make it glow.



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