Tip Time: Finish Him!

How to put the final touches on your piece.

The finish on your project starts before you even cast it.

The surface of your piece is how it will look when it is cast. What I mean is, if there is a fingerprint on the surface of your piece, the fingerprint will show in the final product.

So I sand and polish everything BEFORE it hgets cast. I’ll even put a few layers of glossy top coat on it before I cast it (depending on how glossy you want it).

But then I put the finishing touches on it too.

Here is some tips on finishing your resin piece.

1. Keep two Exacto knives handy. A dull one and a sharp one. The full one for chopping off all of the big flashing and the sharp one for the finer details. Once the sharp one goes dull, swap out to the “dull blade knife” and replace your “sharp blade knife” with a new one. I mark the knives to help differentiate them. It helps to buy blades in bulk too.

2. Sand it. Use heavy, medium and fine grit sandpaper. Experiment with sandpaper grit. But I use 40, 80, and 400 grit respectively. Sometimes you can skip the heavy grit and move on to the medium grit. Use the heavy grit sparingly as you will make tiny scratch marks and just have to sand it further.

3. Get some nail polishers. These have four different sides of grit. The fourth side is a polisher.

I use these four way nail polishers.

4. Finish with 3 part Novus Plastic Polishing kit. Part 3 is for heavy plastic scratches. Part two is a fine scratch remover. And part one is a polish. I use Part Two more than anything and it builds up a really nice shine.

I use (basically) all of these steps on every piece of plastic that I make.

I explained all of this to someone a while back.

They said “Isn’t that a bit much?”

Maybe. But I’ve heard of people having stuff arrive that still has flashing on it.

C’mon... That’s amateur hour shit. Have some pride in what you make.

The more time you spend making your stuff look amazing, the more money your stuff is worth. Take the time to do it right.

Go make it look awesome.


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