Tip Time: Watch This

I’d like to give a bit of advise, watch this.

I’ve never wanted to do anything but do art. But I couldn’t sell much... A few paintings here and there.

My art skills mostly went into my day job fixing portraits for an art website I used to work for or painting fishing reels (it’s a long story).

I realized that I’d need to learn the business end if I were to sell anything.

I have followed Seth Godins advise for years. He is amazing and inspiring. Watch this video.

I have read a few of his books. Everything he does is great.

I wouldn’t be where I am (wherever that is!) without his advise. But I make a living off my art now and I owe it partially to listening to Seth Godin.

Seth Godin is for everyone, no matter what your feild of expertise.

This video is inspiring, informative, and funny.



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