Tip Time: Get Critiqued

Okay. So you’ve made a few toys. You’ve got the hang of mold making and casting.

But is your stuff any good?

It’s nice to get compliments on Instagram or Facebook.

“That’s dope!”

Well thanks.

But That’s not a real critique.

You should open yourself for a real evaluation of your work.

Hearing someone tell you that your stuff isn’t very good and back it up with an honest assessment can be very helpful.

In high school, I had a teacher in my senior year tell me that I wasn’t a very good artist.

But that’s all I wanted to do with my life. I was crushed. But when I looked at my art, I had to agree.

After that, I drew all day and every day. Any free moment was taken up with art.

I got a little better as the years went on.

Getting a harsh evaluation is an eye opener. Maybe you need to work on your craft a bit. Maybe you are really killing it but just need to fine tune one little thing.

If you aren’t open to getting a real evaluation, then let me recommend that you watch some shows where toy art does get evaluated. You might be able to glean some advise from someone else’s critique. I know I have.

I recommend watching Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter or Sucklords Super Suck Hour (Both on YouTube).

Sucklord can be really rough with his critiques. But that’s why I like them and I agree with him most of the time.

George Gaspar gets a reputation as a “hater“ but I agree with his evaluations on Toy Geeks most of the time.

George is a real pro and I suggest listening to what he has to say. George is also heard on the Podcast “Marsham Toy Hour”. I really like George a lot.

Look, you need to be making rad stuff all the time. They can’t all be home runs but you need to shoot for it. Always be improving your stuff.

If you don’t know how, you need to reach out to someone that will give you an honest critique and really listen to them.


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