The Shining Giveaway!!!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Hey Guilld!!!

Things have been crazy! Hope you are well.

The latest release is Lorraine Massey aka The Bathtub Lady in Room 237 from the Shining.

I have 3 to give away. One regular, one”Saul Bass” Yellow Cardback variant and One Red Animatron Exclusive Red Cardback.

All winners will receive a Shining Button pick too!!!

Here are the winners!!!

The first winner of this “Room 237” Cardback is...

Erick Holguin

Congratulations Erick Holguin

The winner of the yellow “Saul Bass” yellow card is...

Richard Garcia!!


And the winner of the Animatron Redcard exclusive is:

Joseph Gamella!!!

Congratulations to all the winners.

If you didn’t win but would still like a Shining Button pack I will send you one for FREE! As long as you are in the Champion or Gladiator tiers.

Please make sure you have filled out your profile to include your shipping address and leave a message in the comment section and I will send you a button pack compliments of the Barbarian Rage Warriors Guild.

Thank you so much once again everyone.


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