The End of the Warriors Guild (December-January Giveaway)

After much consideration, unfortunately, I am dissolving the Warriors Guild.

I will be focusing my efforts on the Barbarian Rage IP from here on out. I will be doing a few "Pop Culture" toys here and there but mainly focusing on the Barbarian Rage IP as I "Re-Brand". I am focusing more on making new issues of the comic book and less on making "bootleg" and "pop culture" toys.

Also, I haven't written a "How-To" blog in eons. Thats because, I've written all I know. If you have any questions about toy making or a previous post, don't hesitate to ask about it.

My website provider WIX has made it impossible for me to see and categorize the separate tiers in the Warriors Guild and are unrelenting in their stupidity.

Now, I normally do not say bad things about anyone or any business (especially when I am in bed with them) but WIX has forced my hand.

Finally, I will admit when I am wrong. I do not believe I am putting forth a quality pay service. I try not to put forth anything subpar. But no matter how hard I try WIX has made it impossible for me to make something cool.

Therefor, I am dissolving the Warriors Guild. I will cancel everyone membership on effective immediately.

Thank you to everyone who has signed up over the years. You have gotten me through some tough spots.

I am truly sorry if this effects you in a negative manner.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints... Don't hesitate to reach out to me

The December-January winners (and final winners in the Warriors Guid) are Scott Horton, Fenton15, Lydia MCcomas. Congratulations.

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