Quick Tip: Pouring Resin

Hi Warriors. I’ve been hard at work cranking out stuff for PowerCon 2019 but I thought I’d stop and give a quick tip on pouring resin.

Pouring resin is like pouring oil. You think you should pour it this way but this is wrong.

Don’t pour like this.

It’s even more confusing because the handle is on that side. So you should just grab it and pour.

Wrong. If you pour it upside down the air flows easily through the bottle and you don’t get that “GLUG, GLUG, GLUG” that makes a mess all over.

Pour from this end.

Once your bottle is about half full (optimism!) then you can pour it from the handle or wherever you want. Air is not trying to force its way in.

Also, you should be pouring into smaller bottles (like a ketchup bottle see previous tip blogs for further details).

Pouring resin is messy business so anything that helps reduce that mess should prove a little helpful.

So I hope that helps!

Your Friend,


P.S. I don’t endorse Penzoil.

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