Orb of Madness Giveaway

Hello Warriors Guild!

I have sold out of the Orbs of Madness. I have even sold out of the Glow in the Dark variants for the Warriors Guild.

I’ve run out of foam and my supplier is closed due to the quarantine.

I do have a secret stash of Glow in the Dark Orbs of Madness and I am giving them away...

But first! A little Barbarian Rage update.

I have stopped production of toys to focus on the Barbarian Rage comic book. I will still be doing monthly toy giveaways during this time. I have some really special things that I am excited to give away here in the Warriors Guild in the following months.

I will be making this comic and then a toy line based on the comic. I am really excited to usher in a new era of Barbarian Rage to you, my closest fans.

Thank you for your support, in advance, during this time of reconstruction.

If you have any questions or concerns (about toy making, mold making or sculpture) again, I am happy to chat with you and help in anyway.

Lets get to the Giveaway!

I have 3 Glow in the Dark Orbs of Madness!!!

The winners are:

Matt Mars

Nicholas Houser

And Aaron Cornelius.

All previous winners. All winners again.

I’d like to start another giveaway for members that have never won before.

Write your name in the comments section and say, “I want to win!” And I will put you in for the next giveaway.

Congratulations to the winners and good luck to you next month.

And stay tuned for the first glimpse into the Barbarian Rage comic book.

Thanks again.


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