October Warduke Giveaway

Holy Smokes! Another Warduke Giveaway!

This is one of my most sought after toys. Some of them have gone for over $300! And now I am giving away another two of them.

I will say that there is new stuff on the horizon.

There has been a lot of exciting things happening behind the scenes that I can't get into now. But trust me... It's awesome!

Unfortunately it has cut into my toy making schedule a bit. And the Kickstarter fulfillment has taken a chunk of time as well. But that is wrapping up soon.

So while you wait for the new stuff (and Kickstarter rewards), I''ll give out some of my coolest stuff... Bring on The Wardukes!

The Winner of this Pink Helmet Warduke is:

Daniel Horine!

And the winner of this Green Helmet Warduke is:

Mike Wood!

Congratulations you two!

More giveaways next month.

If there is something you would like me to write as a "How To" article please leave it in the comments section.

I've basically written all I know about toy making... But if you are having a problem maybe we can work it out together!

Thanks again for your continued support.

You Pal,


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