My First TPK

The time was set to meet at 6pm for another session of dnd, the players seemed pretty excited with how last weeks senseless murder of 4 rust monster had gone. However they were unaware that the deaths of these rust monsters had awaken a sinister mob deeper in the dungeon. More on that in a minute. I work at a game store and run the weekly campaign to promote Dnd for the store. This means some weeks we have 10 players, others merely 4. This week we only had three players, the previous week had been 10 players. at this point, im still working on the whole CR math of Dnd 5th edition, but hadnt had a small party yet. so i threw 2 ghouls and a ghast at them in the dungeon. If you havent used em yet ghouls and ghasts are great! they are undead wiggly little shits, and ghasts can do status effects on your players if they are within 5ft of them. Releasing a horrible undead rotten stench! So the party is making there way deeper into the dim dungeon, on route to go kill a wizard. When they find a small holding cell in a tight corridor. They bravely open the cell only to release the undead! Out of game at this point we already had one player leave, had to go do his homework or something like that. So now we are down to 2 players on the field and the 3 undead before them. And at this point reader, i was still was oblivious to what would happen! They surrounded the party, one half orc fighter and a elvish rogue. They looked at each other finding what might have been an easy mark. They worked as a team! They took one of the foul ghouls down! 2nd round of combat begins they both succumb to the ghasts foul corpse-like stench. And begin rolling poorly, having to take disadvantage rolls to the undeads poisonous status effects! Round three still missing terribly. This is when i rolled for the ghouls claw/claw/bite attack and i rolled a nat 20. Doing max damage on the poor helpless adventurers! The echoes of the ghoul and ghasts feast on players flesh echoing through out the dungeon. To my surprise and the players. They both died. This hadnt happened to me before as a Dungeon Master. It was insane, the chemicals released in my brain at that moment. Never before had such power been wielded by me in Dungeons and Dragons. I snapped a pic to post it online and kept going. Saying they woke up in a later part of the dungeon. Why you ask? we still had a few hrs left and i wanted them to still have a good time. However they did morbidly find their remains later on which was pretty rad to explain. Also they found a minivan, but thats a tale for another time. Your Friendly neighborhood Comicbook guy, Aaron

Art by Aaron Cornelious

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