Journey To The Warriors Guild

Welcome to the Warriors Guild.

Thank you for joining me here.

There are a few thing I would like to unpack first.

I'd like to give you the history of Barbarian Rage.

Then some exciting announcements.

Barbarian Rage started as an idea for an RPG game. I started looking into how to get a game produced.

As I developed the game, I started learning the business end of producing a game. In 2012-ish I learned of KickStarter through Forbes crowdfunding guru Richard Bliss.

He said that people have got to already know you and want what you have BEFORE you go to kickstarter. His advise is to start a blog , youtube channel, or a podcast. Find your audience (or tribe) and get to know them. Only then will you be able to take what you have to Kickstarter and be successful.

I decided that the game was years away from being done. I thought I could create an audience in that time while developing a game on the back end.

The Barbarian Rage Podcast was born. With my Co-Host, and twin brother, Adam we started a weekly pop culture podcast.

Soon enough the podcast became the focus and the game took a back seat. I started a Patreon for the podcast and even ran a couple of successful Kickstarters in the duration of the podcast.

Now, toys were always a big part of the Podcast. Even one of our first podcasts was from the floor of the first He-Man convention, PowerCon.

But now my thoughts and artwork had turned almost completely to toys.

After about 3 years of podcasts (about 180 episodes) I was burned out.

One of my last efforts on the podcast was to do a kickstarter to buy some equipment to make toys of my own.

Adam had a kid on the way. The podcast was over.

The game never even got made (even though I'd like to some day!).

But I carried on the Barbarian Rage banner and made toys under it. I even (foolishly) quit my job to make toys full time. But here we are three years later and it ended up working out.

In this time I have depended on my patreon for a few bucks every month. I have been with them for years. I won't motherfuck them on this post. I'll just say that they had an opportunity to do something special and now I have started the Warriors Guild in spite of them.

Now I have the opportunity to do something special and you have afforded me that chance.

So I will officially announce here on my first post in the Warriors Guild:

I am making the first "Barbarian Rage" comic book. It is written. Wheels are in motion. It is happening.

As a member of the Warriors Guild you will get an exclusive behind the scenes look at my progress.

And before I leave, I will set a goal.

When I left Patreon I was averaging about $240 a month.

If I can get the Warriors guild up to $600 a month, I will start up the Barbarian Rage podcast again.

Now, Adam will not be returning as Co-Host. But he might sit in as a guest sometimes. You never know.

The gears have been turning for a while and I have some really cool stuff ready for the podcast.

But as I work for myself now, it is impossible to justify the time, effort and fees it takes to run a weekly podcast unless this thing hits $600 a month.

So this an exciting new chapter in the book of Barbarian Rage.

Glad to have you by my side in the Warriors Guild.

You will be rewarded handsomely for joining me here.

Thanks again.

Your Friend,

Scott Cherry

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