Interview: Magitarius (Mike Lindenthal)

Magitarius is a husband and wife team of artist-toymakers comprised of Mike and Tracy Lindenthal.

In a world of bootleggers and kitbashers, Magitarius is all original.

Their pieces are super detailed and fully fleshed out with accompanying paintings and artwork.

Mike and Tracy share a unique vision and make some of the most incredible stuff in the underground.

I talked to my buddy Mike Lindenthal for a bit...

BR:How long have you been making toys?

ML: I've been making toys for at least 8 years. But really twenty some yrs ago I starting making puppets & still figures to create figures/toys I couldn't find cause they didn't exist/ toy prototypes. I like large figures. Kinda the catalyst for the toy making pursuit for me.

BR: What’s in your toy collection?

ML: Oh man. I have old 70's &. 80's figures, gijoe mixed figures(taken apart & rearranged)I made as a kid, Japanese robots, Shogun Warriors, Henshin Cyborgs, Mego figures, Micronauts, Robotech, vintage & new figures, lots of monsters, Kaiju figures, & customs. In recent years I've been collecting vinyl & resin figures more. I like to get them from the artist if I can. It's a weird mix but all things that resonate with me somehow. I find the cooler toys very inspirational.

BR: Is there a Holy Grail piece for you?

Do you have it or is it still out there?

ML: I have a few I want but off top I would like to get a 24" complete Grendizer Shogun Warrior. Also, an original Kraken from Clash of the Titans!

BR: How do you split the work between you and your wife on the toys?

ML: We work back & forth on projects. Some projects are all me. Sometimes I have an idea, Tracy paints it out, then I sculpt it. Other times Tracy has an idea & I sculpt & paint it. We work collaboratively on some paintings altering who sketches and paints things. I do all the sculpting & painting on the toys and putting together the packaging.


ML: Tracy does a lot of helping me realize images into paintings for card art. Maybe I sketch it out then kick it over to her & she works her magic on it. Everything is both us just varies from stage to stage & different projects.

BR: Tell me about venturing off from resin toys and getting a vinyl toy made...

ML: Big process. First figure(5 years ago)total learning experience. Way too many problems even though the figure looks cool. It's an alien-tripus type figure called Oreion designed by myself & Tracy. Has a box that turned out cool. This figure is a resin/vinyl hybrid. Second figure we just released at the end of 2018 is called Arakus & is a full vinyl figure. Again designed by both of us. I sculpted multiple versions before settling on the sculpt we went with. Getting ready to work on painted versions along with some new surprises this year with collabs being released throughout the year!!!

BR: Is this a good toy?

ML: Nice! I needed that!!! PeeWee Herman meets Inspector Gadget with a boss hat. I like dangerous toys that can shoot off fists & missiles & possibly take out an eye. Looks like a bootleg. Is it an official Inspector Gadget figure?

BR:Yeah. It’s a Happy Meal toy the got released every week peice by piece.

Tell me about Star Venger...

ML: It's hard out here trying to sell toys. I want to make what I want to make but I also want my figures to resonate with others. Not everyone's into weird monsters. I thought that maybe by creating another persona I could do other bodies of work that could both satisfy my need to create new things by tapping into other creative wells and at the same time reach more people who might not necessarily be into Magitarius figures. Plus I can tap into mash ups & what not that I might not have if released under Magitarius. Something like that.

Star Venger of The 9th Order

BR: What is a tip or some advise to anyone who wants to start making toys?

ML: I would suggest honing in on your creative energy and creating new things. That and communicate with other toy artists. The community's growing and there's a lot of good info out there.

BR: Any last words for the kids?

ML: Gonna keep going deeper down the toy worm hole further & further 2019. Thanks Scott for the big up & thanks to everyone who's been supporting us & the toy scene!

BR: We’re can I check out more Magitarius and Star Venger Stuff?


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