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He-Man Tattoos, Comics, Space Face, and Paunch

The "Tattooed He-Man" is finished! I have a rockstar photographer coming to take some pictures and then it will be time for the big reveal! Posters and prints will be ready to hang on your wall (Move over Farrah Fawcett). All of the tattoos will be printed on an accompanying sheet of flash (incase you want to actually get the tattoos). Here is just a sample of the chest tattoo. Skeletors eagle, Screeech.


Coming up next week on October 7th is the big Janky Toys solo show at Earth To Kentucky.

Prepare yourselves for Paunch: A super sexy celebration of Dad Bods and Heartthrobs!

Chris (Janky) has been influence on the toy scene and me for many years.

I have peeked behind the curtain on this show and I can say, it is going to be a great solo show!

The toys and art are hilarious and awesome.

There will be a preview night on Thursday October 6th live on the E2K Instagram.


Adam Cherry has 2 pages in the comics anthology "Spread Love Magazine" alongside comic legends Peter Bagge and Mike Diana (and many more). These sell out almost immediately. Get yours here.


This week we talked with Ressin Blood (Eddie Kes) on Red King Live! (Tuesdays at Noon PST only on Instagram) Eddie is an artistic beast. He has been tattooing since the 90s, owns a tattoo shop, owns a toy store, AND makes toys himself. We talked about this radical figure, "Space Face", where it came from and a little bit about his artistic process. Check out his shop here.

I had a busy week!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Best of luck.

Your friend,

Scott Cherry


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