Giveaway: X-Ray Spec Mekaneck

Alright everyone! This project kind of exploded! Now I am more than happy to give one away to one of my supporters right here in the Warriors Guild!

This project really turned out great. I knew I wanted an old comic book ad look to the packaging. I’ve always been a huge fan of Paul Rentler and I was going to try to do something like him. But I decided to just ask him to do it instead of doing a cheap imitation of his incredible work. So, I was stoked when he said he would do it!

Well, what we got was amazing. There is no way I could have pulled off anything near what he did here.

I will announce that there will be a Slime chase and a Warriors Guild Exclusive Glow in the Dark Variant.

Stay tuned as I will give one of those away here too.

But enough of my babble!

I will email the winner too.

If you win and don’t read the post I make sure EVERYONE gets their prize.

And the winner is...

Tone.CLG !!!

If this is part of your name or email address, you’ve won an X-Ray Spec Mekaneck!!!!


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