Giveaway! Slime Pit X-Ray Spec MekaNeck

So here is the Warriors Guild Exclusive:

Slime Pit X-Ray Spec MekaNeck!

This weeks winner is a supporter from the podcast days!

Which, I will announce right now...

The Podcast IS coming back. 

It will be Barbarian Rage LIVE! I will be on Instagram live taking you calls, questions, comments and complaints. 

So with that let’s give away a toy!

The winner is Craig Lapekas! Congratulations on another win my friend!

That makes $200 worth in Barbarian Rage toys given away here in the Warriors Guild just this month alone. 

Didn’t win but still want a Slime Pit X-Ray Spec MekaNeck? Go get one in the excLuis even Warriors Guild shop.

Hope to see everyone live on the new podcast. 

Kill with Power. 

Your Pal,


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