Giveaway Post Plus PowerCon Preview

I’ve been hard at work gearing up for PowerCon.

This months giveaway will be some stuff that is not available yet and are going to be exclusives for PowerCon 2019.

It’s months like this that I am especially thankful to everyone who signed up for the Warriors Guild. Even though I’ve been working day and night making new stuff for PowerCon, I have very little to sell. So big, big thanks to everyone For helping me get through this month.

But enough of my blabbering.

The first giveaway is the much anticipated Glow in the Dark X-Ray Spec Mekaneck...

And the winner is:

Joseph Killbrew!!! Congratulations!

The next giveaway is a preview of a PowerCon Exclusive, Slime Pit Beastman!

And the Winner is...

Curtis Tone! Congratulations!

The last giveaway is an old favorite, the Glow in the Dark Death Gonk!

Here is how it’s gonna go...

What would you like to see more of in the Warriors Guild? More interviews? More casting tips? Maybe a podcast? Tell me what you want in the comments section and I will pick a winner.

Thanks so much once again.

Hope to see you at PowerCon 2019!!!


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