Giveaway Post: Double Deck Mekaneck

This give away is for anyone on the Champion tier or the Gladiator tier who HAS NEVER won anything in the Warriors Guild. If you have never won anything I want to drop a huge prize on you...

I tried to auction these off on my Instagram but they started hiding comments from me making it impossible To see the bids.

I always leave the coolest one for last and I never got around to it. And since “tis the season”...

And you are my Warriors...

This is now yours.

It’ll come in one of the cool customized boxes with the flocked interior. And some bonus heads.

Please add your name in the comments section, if you have ever won anything and are in the Champion or Gladiator tier. I will pick a name at random and it’s yours. I should have it to you by the holidays.

Good luck.


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