Giveaway: Post Designercon Thanksgiving Super Giveaway

Well, I made to the other end of another DesignerCon. And lucky for the Warriors Guild members, here I am with a gigantic toy giveaway.

First off, thanks to everyone who came out to see Barbarian Rage at the Con. I even got to see some Warriors Guild members. It’s always great meeting face-to-face. I think it’s time for a secret handshake.

Before I get to the giveaway, I would like to say that there will be a Black Friday sale for Warriors Guild members only. 25% off everything. So if you don’t win today, Black Friday would be the day to swipe some stuff.

Now this giveaway is HUGE! The first winner will win a Red Cherry Candy Flavored Colorway Bib Fortuna “De Wanna Wanga”.

And the winner is:

Steve Koenick! Congratulations! You’ve just won a “De Wanna Wanga” Bib Fortuna

The next winner will win a DesignerCon exclusive colorway Red Retching Regan with a random color Barrle O’ Slime.

And the winner is:

James Sanchez!!! Congratulations dude!!!

And the winner of the Post DesignerCon Super Thanksgiving Giveaway will win a Gorlock The Phyclops figure with future seeing crystal eyeball, six points of articulation, comes in a resealable Zoloworld case with a Gorlock mini poster featuring art by Sergio Zuniga.

And! A De Wanna Wanga

And! A Red Retching Regan.

And the winner is:

My Mom?!?

To be fair, my mom is my biggest supporter and cheerleader since day one. Now look. I give my mom one of every toy I make or whatever she wants. So I’ll give her this prize pack.

But I will give away another Post DesignerCon Super Thanksgiving Prize Pack to one more person since I am so thankful for everyone in the Warriors Guild.

And the winner is:

Richard Marin!!!!

Dude, you just won a Gorlock, a Retching Regan, and a Bib Fortuna!!!! Congratulations! That’s over $150 in Barbarian Rage toys!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

This really proves that all the winners are random. (Picked by And I will make sure my mom gets this prize pack too. Thanks so much I everyone for your support. My next giveaway will be for members who have never won anything before. So that should increase your chances. Good luck and Happy Thanksgiving From the Guild. -Scott

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