Giveaway Post (August and September)

First off, my apologies for no giveaways during August. The Barbarian Rage comic book Kickstarter took over my life and things sort of spun out of control.

The good news is that we funded! So I am back in the shop making the rewards for everyone who pledged.

And I have been putting together some really great rewards for my Warriors Guild members.

Behold! Wargûl!!!!

Now to make up for last month, I am giving away 2 of the colorful Wardukes and 2 Wargûl figures.

2 for this month and 2 for last month.

The winners of the two Black Wargûl figures are:

Curtis Tone


Joe E (anti GI Joe)

Congratulations you two!!!

And the winner of this “Orange Helmet” Warduke is Chris Funk!

And the winner of this awesome “Yellow Helmet” Warduke is:

Cameron Peterson!!!

Congratulations everyone.

Your pal,


(Winners picked with

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