Giveaway! MOTU One-Offs!!!

Holy macaroni! I sure hope you are surviving this quarantine!!!

I have a touch of Cabin Fever to be totally honest. I’ve been on lockdown and haven’t left the house since February... May? What month is it anyway?

I’ve been working on the Barbarian Rage comic book day and night. I really hope you like it. It’s something new and different.

I realize I’ve created a fan base on the foundation of Star Wars fans and MOTU fans. And maybe Star wars and Motu is all you want. But I am moving in a direction that has a little more originality and less “Bootleg” stuff.

There will always be room in my life for pop culture references and re-envisioned toys of our youth. These will not be abandoned altogether.

But it is time for me to create my own sandbox and that is the Barbarian Rage comic book.

There will be a Kickstarter. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Everyone here will receive a free digital copy.

I’d like to say that everyone on the Champion tier will receive a hard copy but I’ll have to run the numbers. Either way there will be lots of original Barbarian Rage stuff on the way.

Let’s give away some toys huh?

The first giveaway is this Translucent Two Bad. I hate saying this but the pictures do not do this one justice. There are lots of little swirls and subtle colors. The legs (if you look) one is blue and one is purple. The purple arm is actually two different purples. Magnetically articulated.

And the winner is newcomer Tom Charles!!!!

The second toy is another MOTU one off from the Dark Dimension. Doublecast arms and legs with a glow in the dark chest. Comes on a card featuring art by “Pencilmancer” Josh Yelle.

The winner is Matthew Dolgon!

Congratulations dudes!

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