Giveaway: Last 2 “Bootleg” Style Wardukes!!!

November is coming to and end and I wanted to do a giveaway before thanksgiving.

The rewards for the Kickstarter are in and I am busy shipping everything out. So I am giving out my LAST TWO WARDUKES!!!

And as soon as I fulfill the Kickstarter, I will be doing a massive giveaway here. The winner of this “Blue Helmet” Warduke is:

Dustin Benzing!

and the winner of this “Purple Helmet” Warduke is: Samual Elkins!!!

Now of like to say that I am most thankful for you, the Barbarians of the Warriors Guild

this year. You have kept me a float while I pursue my comic book and kept me alive during the pandemic. I hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

love you all.


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