Giveaway: Glow in the Dark X-Ray R2-D2 Exclusive

Last week I said I would give away one GID X-Ray R2-D2 to someone who had never won yet. 

If it were up to me, I’d give everyone something. 

You know I can’t thank you enough. 

There are some people that dip in, grab an exclusive and cancel. Or win once and cancel. 

So if you haven’t won, I might have more opportunities like this in the future. Because I’d like to see everyone walk away with something. I’d like to spread it out evenly somehow. 

But it’s random for now. And some people are just lucky I guess. 

Anyway. Thank you times a million. 

And enough of this blathering on!!!!

The winner is Manifest95!


You win an Exclusive GID X-Ray R2-D2!!!!

That’s over $260 worth of Barbarian Rage toys given away this month alone!

Thanks again.

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