Giveaway: Big Beastman Bounty

Hello Warriors Guild! Is everyone ready to win some toys?!?!

Thought so.

This month I am giving away the BIG BEASTMAN BOUNTY!!!

The BBB includes

One Evil Warriors “Beastly” Figure with card art featuring the fantastic art of Charles Baruffi.

One UV Slime Pit Beastman with Special collectors coin.

One Beast Ball.

One set of Beast Fangs and some stickers!

Plus! That’s not all!!!

As a Warriors Guild bonus kill... I’ll give away an additional Beast Ball and a Slime Pit Beastman.

After the fallout of PowerCon I spent a week cleaning up my work space and re-organizing the Barbarian Rage laboratory.

I promptly went into finishing the Lords of Darkness heads. It turned out to be a much bigger task than I expected (as is everything at Barbarian Rage).

I get so entranced by my work that I forget to giveaway toys to my most dedicated collectors.

So, apologize for that. But I will say that there will be a Lords of Darkness are done and there will be that giveaway very soon.

I am also doing a show in Van Nuys on October 27th called Zappers. I will be doing an exclusive for the show. I’ll give you hint...

It’ll be a 2.5” Maba Zombie-ish rubbery Figure.

I am torn between one of the goblins from Troll 2 or the Witch from Evil Dead 2 (post eye popping). Which one would you like to see?

So, let’s give away some toys.

The winner of the Slime Pit Beastman is:

Chad Thomas!!!! Congratulations buddy!!!

The winner of the Beast Ball is:

Charles Macaluso!!!! Congratulations dude! You’ve won so much stuff that my phone autocorrects to your name. 🤓

And the winner of the Big Beastman Bounty is...

Bryan Colman!!!!

Congratulations dude!!!

Thanks to everyone in the Warriors Guild!!!

As always, if there is something you would like to see me write about or trouble shoot, please leave it in the comments section and we will work on it!

Thanks again Warriors Guild.

Kill with power.


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