Free Comic! (Barbarian Rage #1)

Hopefully by now all of you have received an email with a complimentary copy of Barbarian Rage #1!

If not, here a a free download for all Warriors Guild members.

I am running a Kickstarter as well. I am only raising money to cover printing.

Please consider pledging.

Click The Image To Visit the Kickstarter

I give an overwhelming "Thank You" to everyone here for their continued support.

I would like to send everyone on the Champion Tier a physical copy of the book when - if it gets printed. So please everyone make sure your address is current and complete for when you win physical prizes.

Please, please, please. It is so much easier when you to have your profile complete WITH your address filled out.

Some winners forget to check this blog and I will email them for their address. Sometimes the winners don't check their email... I make sure everyone who wins something gets their prize.

But if you don't have your profile filled out and you don't answer your email... Well, there isn't much else I can do! It has only happened once. But even one is too many for me!

I want all winners to be happy and I would like everyone who supports me to win in some way.

So with that, I present to you...

Barbarian Rage #1 "The Spider's Treasure"

Barbarian Rage #1 The Spider's Treasure
Download • 51.52MB

Please tell me what you think of my first comic book!


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