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So it seems i found a near perfect set of dice. Say your players are heading into a tavern. and they want to know some specifics on the barfly to their left and right as they sit at the table. However your players randomly entered this tavern with little to no prep time on your end, and its sorta a side quest anyway...what will you do??? No worries my fellow dungeon master, heres the set of dice for you! with one roll of this set you can have all the attributes you want to tell them!

with Jade Gaming's RPG Character Dice Set II for 5th edition you can roll real quick and have your players wondering who this tavern goer really is. oh it appears you happen to be be talking to a dragon born! he seems to be wearing a some very leafy looking clothes and happens to mention they have recently been adopted into a local group of druids! based on your conversation they appear to be good natured! so there you have it! one roll gave us a dragon born, druid, who is lawful good!

Another one of the countless uses this dice set has for us is well what if the new guy at the table has no clue what he wants to play tonight? boom there you go buddie!

looks like you are playing Vorganarthuur the gnomish barbarian tonight there fella! looking to rage out and ankle bite every oncoming orc all the way down to the depths of the underdark, slaying the great spider-goddess and eating her heart out and rage roaring all the way to the heavens!

So yeah, i highly recommend getting a set of these here Jade Gaming dice! The company recently expanded this here set to include a monster race dice allowing you access to the races found in Volos guide as well!

Lets give the ol set one more roll here and see what happens!

Oh shit! we rolled Barbarian Rage's Scott Cherry! quick lets get to bottom of the Underdark and partake in the spider-goddess heart buffet with Vorgnarthuur!!! This set is just so rad! Hope you enjoyed this review! You can find this and one other similar dice set for Dnd 3.5 at:


Your friendly neighborhood comic book guy, Aaron Cornelius

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