Death Gonk Giveaway

Available for the first time since I left Patreon, the Death Gonk (a Warriors Guild Exclusiv) is back And I am giving away 3 of them right now!!!

First I would like to announce that I have hired a writer for the Warriors Guild.

There will be new and awesome exclusive content in the Warriors Guild. I will continue to write tips, tricks, and toy making secrets.

Only now, as an added bonus, we are adding new exclusive content. I have scoured the earth for the Worlds Mightiest Comic Book Guy to write for us and I found him.

Aaron Cornelius will be writing a weekly article in the Warriors Guild!

So starting next week, on top of my articles, interviews and toy giveaways, I have added a new dimension to the Warriors Guild and Barbarian Rage by adding on a team member.

So let’s welcome Aaron when he arrives next week!

Okay! On with the giveaway!!!

There are 3 winners!

1. Zach Mickler Sandoval

2. Charles Macaluso

3. AntiGIJoe

Congratulations to all 3 of you!

Didn’t win but still want one? Go the the exclusive Warriors Guild shop and pick one up.

Thank you for your continued support.

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