Dark Dimensions Ram Man is Back! (and giveaway!)

I’m bringing back two favorites from the past for PowerCon 2019. That includes X-Ray Ram man and the original Dark Dimensions Ram Man.

I’ve got one last bombshell before PowerCon.

Everything will be available after PowerCon here on my website.

For now let’s give away an Anti-Eternian Dark Dimensions Ram Man!

Two points of Magnetic Articulation and Glow in the Dark eyes.

These are now fitted with a resealable Zolo Case with packaging art by PencilMancer - Josh Yelle.

These will go for $150.

The winner is Joseph Gamella!


Well that was fun.

Let’s giveaway a Figure Zero!

All giveaways are chosen by Random.org

And the winner is...

Ernie Folcarelli

Congratulations you two!


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