Barbarian Rage Comic Book Preview.

It has taken some time. But I am ready to officially announce production on The Barbarian Rage Comic Book with this exclusive, Warriors Guild, first look.

This is the dawning of a new age at Barbarian Rage.

I will continue to do "bootleg" toys but in a much more limited fashion.

These characters and this world will be my main focus for the foreseeable future. There will be toys surrounding the new comic and the Warriors Guild will get first crack at them.

There will still be monthly toy give-aways in the Warriors Guild.

There will be exclusive comic book related content in the Warriors guild.

I have given away all my knowledge about toy making here in previous posts. If you have further questions about toy making, I will continue helping you out on any of your toy projects (provided you are in the proper tier).

Feel free to reach out with any and all questions or concerns.

Thank you Warriors Guild.

Now with no further delays:

Scott Cherrys Barbarian Rage:


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