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Awesome Stuff This Week: Red King Live!

This week on “Red King Live!” (Tuesdays at Noon, Live on Instagram) we talked about how awesome Musculoids are!

The new set of Musculoids has 20 figures to it! Musculoids has been around for about 7 years now making these impossibly muscular figures by artist, Frank Russo.

The new set of Musculoids are soft vinyl figures standing 6” (Following a 12” release of jumbos).

Check them out here.

Or Check out the Musculoids instagram.

(Red Orc seen here)


We also briefly talked about the new Garbage Pail Kids set of cards “Slop Culture Kids”.

They are so cool that they sold out immediately.

And GPK artist Mark Pingatore hooked up with Alien Robot Monster (A.R.M.) to make the “Roberto Cop” keshi from the Slop Culture Kids series… Which again… was so cool that it immediately sold out.


Adam brought up a YouTube channel that feature old schlock horror movies "New Castle After Dark"

Adam recommends this movie "The Uncanny" with Peter Cushing.

And Loves "Masque of the Red Death" and Scott likes it too.

Another awesome week for the books!

If you have something that would you would like to be featured in a future episode or blog, please email me or comment below!

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